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Most people will not seek services until their loved one has been in an accident or is on their last few days at the hospital before looking for home care services. The Administration on Aging reports that about 29%, or 11.3 million older adults lived alone in 2010. The percentage gets even higher for those over 75: almost half (47% ) of women aged 75 and older lived alone. For the oldest old—centenarians, who have lived to age 100 or older—about a third live alone, according to U.S. Census data.
At the same time, it’s estimated that over 12% of seniors 65 and older—more than 5 million—need assistance with long-term care to perform activities of daily life.
 Assess yourself or loved one closely
Remaining in our home and being independent and self reliant are the goals of everyone, regardless of age. We find we can no longer spend long periods on out feet or prepare the elaborate meals we once did, Mowing the lawn becomes a challenge, and picking up the keys we dropped is almost impossible. 
This is the time to seek hourly help at affordable rates, rather than waiting until you or a loved one suffers an accident. 
Believe your instincts and trust in your Judgement  
You may judge that the time has come to make some plans, and you should  act on this feeling. Although we want the best care for our loved ones, it is difficult to make these decisions by our selves. this is where a home care specialist is most helpful. They can provide a free risk assessment for you or your loved one, while listening to and implementing all your concerns and ideas.
Call for and Assessment. 
With a complimentary no obligation comprehensive assessment you really have nothing to lose. A professional can point out risk or provide information that you may not have considered. Ask lots of questions. A home care specialist can assess the needs by doing an in-person, in the hospital and in the home and can then interview home care candidates for you. in some situations such as Alzheimer's and mental health disorders, a care manager can personally introduce the aide and help with the initial transition and any problem that may arise at the outset.
Don't Discouraged, It is never too late to call. 
If you have not previously had an assessment, or made earlier plans, and problem should arise, do not worry. This happens with 90% of care seekers. Ideally we like to plan ahead, but accidents do happen and problems arise unexpectedly. the very same process will apply. It is important that decisions should be made carefully and not in haste a time when you are overwhelmed. It is important to for professionals who want to work with you or your loved one as an individual, and not a case number. We strive to be those caregivers.
Written by Akua Boateng, MSW, LSW
Edited by Sheila Harvey


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